Liposuction Aspirators & Infusion Pumps


LS2 Aspirator

Following the legacy of the LS1000, the LS2 continues the line of durable, reliable aspirators - now with even more convenience and flexibility.

With its sealed oil-less vacuum system, the LS2 is virtually maintenance-free and engineered to provide years of trouble-free use

Cat #801-LS2SP (single port)
Cat #801-LS2DP (dual port)
Available in 110v or 230v


Touch Up Aspirator
Transportable power aspirator with fullsized features. Adjustable from 0 to 27" of hg. For secondary lipoplasty procedures. (available in 110 or 230 Volt)

Cat. #801-TOUCHUP-110
Cat. #801-TOUCHUP-230


Single 1/3 hp piston pump system similar to KMI Phantom I and HK systems. Adjustable from 0 to 29" hg. Dual footswitch control. Features one canister holder. (available in 110 or 230 Volt)

Cat. #801-NX-110
Cat. #801-NX-230


Infusion Pumps

k Pump
Infusion pump.
Available 110 or 230 Volt,
1000 ml/min

Cat. #801-KPUMP-110
Cat. #801-KPUMP-230


Bi-Phasic Infiltrator Pump
0 to 6 ml per minute, dual pneumatic footswitch, 15 psi max, power adaptor, handle and tubing. (available in 110 or 230 Volt)

Cat. #801-BPI-110
Cat. #801-BPI-230