Custom Implant Moulage Instructions

Impression Putty is used for making a moulage for custom implants. It is a two-part silicone elastomer. Once mixed the material can be pressed into thedesired shape and will cure at room temperature in 15 to 20 minutes. Caution: Please note that silicone moulage material is NOT implantable.

  • Impression Putty is designed to be mixed in a one-to-one ratio, by weight, of Impression Putty Base, part A and Impression Putty Crosslinker, part B. Visual estimation of the proportions is usually sufficient. Be careful not to mix more material than can be applied in 3 minutes.
  • Mix quickly by hand kneading until a homogeneous mixture, indicated by uniform color, is achieved. Working time can be extended slightly by storing the kit in a cool (55oF to 65oF) place prior to mixing. It is very important that no white streaks remain in the mixture. These white areas will not cure and will make the model unusable.
  • To avoid discomfort when applying the putty, shave the area of the body affected or cover areas of heavy hair growth with a thin sheet of plastic film such as Saran Wrap.
  • Immediately after mixing, press the material into the body defect. Continue to add putty, smoothing and contouring until the desired shape and thickness is achieved. Try to avoid unwanted depressions and finger marks. You may trim the cured moulage if necessary. Supply notes as to required thickness, edge shape (round, taper, feather, etc.) and any other special requirements.

Complete the Custom Order Form. If the implant needs suture tabs and/or fenestrations (suture holes), draw a sketch of the moulage and indicated their placement. Fax a copy of the Custom Order Form to 775-853-6805. Mail the moulage and original Custom Order Form to:

Alpha Aesthetics
2950 Arrowhead Dr
Carson City, NV 89706

Federal Express or UPS are recommended for traceability.

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