Custom Implants

                                                 **IMPORTANT MESSAGE FROM Alpha Aesthetics**

Our custom implant services are NOW available. If you have questions regarding a custom order, please reach out to our home office!

No One Is Faster!

Occasionally, the need arises for a custom implant that is unique to an individual, and the available carving blocks do not readily match the clinical need (for example to correct Poland's Syndrome).

Alpha Aesthetics is your premier manufacturer of custom implants. Routinely, Alpha Aesthetics can respond with the finished implant within six to eight weeks after receipt of drawing and specifications, *slightly longer for custom implants via digital medium. In many cases we can respond significantly faster.

Custom Product Ordering Information and Forms

Custom Product Order Forms:

Download and print both pages.

Page 1 Custom order form

Page 2 - Graph Paper (JPEG Format - 264k)

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