Custom Implants

                                                 **IMPORTANT MESSAGE FROM Alpha Aesthetics**

Our custom implant service are NOW available;e. If you have questions regarding a custom order, please reach out to Nancy at our home office!

No one is faster!

If you are a patient and interested in learning more about Alpha Aesthetics Custom Implants please see your plastic surgeon and ask him/her to contact us directly.

Occasionally, the need arises for a custom implant that is unique to an individual, and the available carving blocks do not readily match the clinical need (for example to correct Poland's Syndrome).

Alpha Aesthetics is your premier manufacturer of custom implants. Routinely, Alpha Aesthetics can respond with the finished implant within two to four weeks after receipt of drawing or moulage, *slightly longer for custom implants via digital medium. In many cases we can respond significantly faster.

*September, 2006 - Alpha Aesthetics, Inc. is pleased to announce that it has enhanced it's capability to manufacture custom product from digital diagnostic media such as MRI, Cat Scan, etc. Alpha Aesthetics now has the ability to not only differentiate between hard and soft tissue but also between most types of soft tissue.

Alpha Aesthetics, Inc. translates CT and MRI data into accurate anatomical 3D reconstructions.


For best results, please follow these protocols when creating CT scans to be used for making Biomodels:

Moulage kits are available to facilitate generating the specifications or model for the custom implant.

For the convenience of its customers, Alpha Aesthetics' highly experienced personnel are available to assist at every step of the process.

Custom Product Ordering Information and Forms


Moulage Kit (Catalog Number 1100-3) - $58.00 (Call to place order)

Custom Product Order Forms:

Download and print both pages.

Page 1 Custom order form

Page 2 - Graph Paper (JPEG Format - 264k)

Moulage Kit Instructions

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