Liposuction Cannulae “Scarless Abs”

Liposuction Cannulae

AART uses only the highest quality premium stainless steel hypodermic cannula tubing, which is polished inside and out. This reduces the internal drag for faster and more efficient aspiration and external drag for passing the cannula through adipose tissue more easily.

AART offers the highest quality cannula in 4 different styles:

One piece Knurled Aluminum handle, Contour Handle (with half the weight and more comfortable control), Two piece Cannula with or without handle and Luer Lock Cannula. We offer a complete line of cannula tips (only the most common are pictured below.) When ordering please specify tip style, diameter, length, handle style and shape. For example, Mercedes, blunt tip, 3mm x 32 cm, 1 piece knurled handle.

We manufacture cannula in 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, and 6mm diameters. Cannula diameters over 6mm and 32cm lengths are considered special orders.

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