Liposuction Supplies & Accessories


Implosion Proof Canister
Disposable implosion canisters.

Cat. #801-LS7020

Cat. #801-LS7030


Fat Transfer Bottles
Re-usable, sterilizable 250cc container for larger volume fat transfer. Includes tubing.

Cat. #801-LS7250





8' length (3/8" ID 5/8" OD) PVC tubing
Cat. #801-LS7010

10' length (3/8" ID 5/8" OD) PVC tubing
Cat. #801-LS7012


Infiltrator Tubing
Soft pliable tubing for use with The Infiltrator (BPI) pumps & for standard infiltration. 13ft length. Spiked and with clamp.

Cat. #801-SOFTUBE


Autofuse Tubing
Disposable Auto Fuse Tubing for use on Infiltration Pumps.
Cat. #801-AFTD

Also available with "Y" connection.
Cat. #801-AFTDY

Also available in reusable, all silicon.
Cat. #801-AFTR


Infiltrator Tubing
Infusion tubing
Cat. #801-ITD

Also available with "Y" connection.
Cat. #801-ITDY




Liposuction Machine Absolute Biofilter
(.2 Micron)
Cat. #801-FL3000


Hydrophobic Biofilter
Liposuction Machine Absolute Hydrophobic Biofilter, Capsule
(.2 Micron)
Cat. #801-FL2000



Accessories for LS1000

LS1000 Overflow Bottle
Glass overflow bottle.
Cat. #801-AS1702

Cork assembly for LS1000, includes stopper, bell and hose barbs, and rubber ball.
Cat. #801-AS1708


LS1000 Handle
Rigid Push-Pull Handle for LS1000
Cat. #801-LS1700


Reusable 2000cc Bottle
2000cc Large Glass Collection Bottle, reusable.
Cat. #801-AS1701

2000cc Cork.
Cat. #801-AS1707


Footswitch Control
Pump Foot Control for LS1000/ Pneumatic.
Cat. Discontinued/No longer available